Why am I being offered EmbryoGen?

Your case history shows that sadly you have not been successful on your previous cycles. The exact reason for this is not known. EmbryoGen is a new kind of culture media that is suitable for patients with:

  • Repeated implantation failure, especially with good quality embryos
  • Repeated early pregnancy loss (biochemical pregnancy only)
  • Recurrent miscarriage without explanation

Why might I not be getting pregnant or having miscarriages?

The uterus and embryo need to talk to one another for a successful pregnancy to occur. Basically, the embryo can be seen as a foreign organism inside the mother's body, just as bacteria and viruses can be. Without successful communication between the uterus and the embryo the mother's body will try to expel the embryo. The embryo needs to tell the uterus that it is supposed to be there and the uterus needs to communicate back and allow this.

Normally the pregnant mother releases special substances called cytokines into the uterus which the embryo responds to by producing more and ";talking back";. The more the uterus produces the more the embryo produces and so on. If for some reason the mother does not produce enough cytokines then the dialogue might be broken and the embryo rejected. We know that levels of cytokines are often much lower in women who have had previous miscarriage/s compared to those that have not.

What is EmbryoGen?

EmbryoGen is an advanced culture media that contains all the nutrients an early embryo requires as well as natural communication substance called cytokines. The embryologists will expose sperm, eggs and then embryos to this advanced media from Days 0-3. Normal culture media can then be used to take embryos on to the blastocyst stage if advised by the embryologists.

How does EmbryoGen work?

Nobody knows the exact mechanism by which EmbryoGen works. We do know that cytokines play a very important part in implantation and they are found throughout a woman's reproductive tract.

It is thought that by targeting the embryo directly with these powerful communication molecules the embryo will be ready to talk 'loudly' to the uterus as soon as it is replaced. The louder it is able to talk the more the uterus will talk back by producing more cytokines. There is a two way communication. By treating the embryo with added cytokines we are able to increase the chances of a successful pregnancy within a normal IVF cycle without changing any of the processes and procedures for the patient.

What are the success rates with EmbryoGen?

EmbryoGen is a new media and as yet we do not have any of our own statistics for you. However, it has been used worldwide since 2011 and in one large trial (1300 patients) the results showed a 28% increase in live birth rate in patients with previous miscarriage.

How can you be certain that my chances of pregnancy will be increased?

Unfortunately we cannot know for certain that communication errors are the reason for you not having a successful pregnancy. However, EmbryoGen is a media that is suitable for all and will therefore not be at all detrimental to your chances of success.

Can I use EmbryoGen in a frozen cycle?

If you have used EmbryoGen in your fresh cycle it is recommended to use EmbryoGen in your frozen cycle(s). As less media is used in this procedure, you will only be charged half the current fresh cost.

EmbryoGen is not beneficial in a frozen cycle if it was not used in the fresh cycle.


Mr Brook and Erika Very caring and supportive when we were due to start IUI but couldn't due to poor sample results. Both were knowledgeable and gave us the time to talk things through and we left understanding procedures better.

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Fertility Testimonials


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