Fertility Assessment

Fertility Assessment

What investigations due we offer

  • Women:
    • Ovarian function
    • Tubal patency
    • Uterine anatomy
    • Preconception health
  • Men:
    • Semen analysis
    • Preconception health
  • Female subfertility
  • Male subfertility
  • Unexplained subfertility
  • Same-sex couples
  • Single women

What will my journey look like?

Fertility Assessment

Reasons for IVF/ICSI treatment in UK, 2013


Mr Brook and Erika Very caring and supportive when we were due to start IUI but couldn't due to poor sample results. Both were knowledgeable and gave us the time to talk things through and we left understanding procedures better.

Fertility Testimonials
Fertility Testimonials


Private Appointments:
Nuffield Woking contact Pat Darty on 07970 616286

NHS Appointments:
Complete Fertility Centre 023 8120 6980