Embryo Glue

Embryo Glue

We are currently using this procedure at Nuffield Woking.

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Media What it is? Who it's for?
EmbryoGlue EmbryoGlue

Embryo transfer media

Helps promote implantation of embryos.

Used on all patients having fresh and frozen transfers as standard.

No extra charge

EmbryoGen EmbryoGen

Embryo culture media

Media used for culturing embryos from day 1 – 3 and again 1hr prior to transfer. Contains additional growth factors to improve communication between the endometrium and the embryo.

Patients who have had multiple implantation failures after having good quality embryos replaced OR multiple clinical/biochemical pregnancy losses. Will not benefit age related infertility.

Initial use in FRESH cycle. Can be used in a frozen cycle if used previously in the fresh cycle OR thawing 2PN embryos.

Chargeable - £450

SpermSlow SpermSlow

Sperm selection media

Media to help select mature and therefore less likely to be DNA damaged sperm at ICSI.

Patients who have had poor embryo development to blastocyst previously. For use with ICSI only.

No extra charge


Mr Brook, helpful, kind manner, explain things in an easy to understand way. Gave me confidence in my treatment.

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Fertility Testimonials


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